A friend of mine named Mosco (who just happens to also be a staff photographer for LFB) told me that the best way to explore Italy is to just let yourself get lost because this is the best way to accidentally happen upon some pretty amazing stuff, and I could not agree more. You see, old roman streets are windy and narrow but the city itself is small, so you really can’t make too many wrong turns before you end up back where you started.

I did a lot of wandering around during my stay in Florence. On the last day, I happened upon a little organic health cafe called Shake Cafe, and just had to pop in. Whilst there, I got myself a coconut flavored shake with crushed almonds to go, which was absolutely delicious.

If you find yourself in Florence anytime soon, I would definitely recommend you pop by and treat yourself to a delicious shake. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you definitely won’t regret it.

Shake Cafe in Florence, Italy - lovefromberlin.net

Shake Cafe in Florence, Italy - lovefromberlin.net

Shake Cafe in Florence, Italy - lovefromberlin.net

Shake Cafe in Florence, Italy - lovefromberlin.net

Photography: Rae Tashman

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Stay conscious, Rae


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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • That is definitely true about letting yourself become lost! I loved Florence and such an easy place to get wonderfully lost in. Thanks for the recommendation

    Nat • Dignifiable

    • rae

      Isn’t it just one of the most magnificent cities ever? And no worries! Hope you can go one day!

  • Yummy this juice bar looks great



  • missgetaway

    Absolutely agree. I love Italy for its historical charme. As we have a flat there I usually love to just wander around and explore the town – highly recommend doing that to everyone!! And literally though, you’ll never really get lost because one way or the other you’ll find your way back :D

    Love, Kerstin

    • rae

      Oh wow you are so lucky to have a flat there! And yes, one of my favorite parts of travelling is just wandering around and exploring! And yes, you always do somehow find your way back!

  • I would SO love to go to Italy some day. To get lost in the streets <3


    • rae

      Hope you get to go one day, Emma!

  • Rakel
  • I looove the black and white photos, Rae! And so true – best to let yourself explore with no constraints! :)


    • rae

      Thanks so much, Rasshi and yes! That is the best part of travel!

  • That’s some really beautiful photos and that shake looks delicious. Getting lost really is the best way to explore a new city, especially when there are nice cafés like this along the way:)

    • rae

      Thanks, Mitzie, and yes, I love getting lost in new places so much! It makes happening upon something amazing that much more exciting!

  • Aw, love how cute it looks.. seems like a great place to hang out


    BLOG | Taislany

    • rae

      If I lived in Forence, you can bet that I would be here every weekend!

  • Ohhh this looks divine. Why must all the best/cutest shops be half way across the world?!
    I guess this means I’ll just have to add Florence to my travel-list. Lovely photos as usual Rae!

    • rae

      Yes! You totally should add Florence to your travel list and thanks so much, Zauni!

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Oh, doesn’t this look absolutely great!


    • rae

      It really was!

  • A few of my close friends just got back from Italy and I loved listening to their stories! Would love to visit myself someday; these are such beautiful photos!

    xo, Alice || Alice + TYPENU Co

    • rae

      Really do hope you get to visit one day and it sounds like your friends had an incredible time there!

  • Amazing photos! Seems like a really nice place! Thanks for sharing! x


    • rae

      Glad you enjoyed!

  • great review! I loved every minute I spent in Italy, I feel like all I ever ate was cheese, bread and pasta though! Can’t wait to go again someday!!

    xoxo http://www.touchofcurl.com

    • rae

      Lol that is so funny, yes Italy definitely is full of lots of hearty food! I actually found a lot of healthy places though while I was in Vienna and only had pasta two nights while there. Hope you get to go again soon!

  • Italy is worth getting lost and u actually do!!! Amaz pictures!

    • rae

      Oh definitely! Thanks, Chichi!


    Sabrina | http://www.GYPSYTAN.co

    • rae

      Girl, you should totally come here and hang with me!!! xx

  • WhatWouldVWear

    Aww! I love Italy! One of my fave countries to visit! Leaving to Europe by the end of this month and I cant wait! Also, thank you for your sweet note on my blog – it means so much! Glad we connected!

    xoxo, Vanessa


    • rae

      Isn’t Italy just so magical?! Hope you have such an incredible time in Europe when you come and of course, lady!

  • Nadia

    I remember I got that tip when I first visited New York and then had to move there for a year to study. It’s nice to get lost in the city and explore the area <3 The place looks amazing. I've never been to Florence but when I go, I might find this wee place :)
    xox Nadia

    • rae

      Ah New York City is also an incredible place to just wander around and happen upon stuff. You really discover such hidden gems that way, and if you are exploring an interesting neighborhood, you are bound to find tons of them. Wandering around the lower east side is my favorite. hope you get to go to Florence one day, Nadia!

  • Tal

    It was right next to our hotel and we went there regularly, i also recommend la milkeria which is right next door!

    La-Roche Posay Effaclar K+

    • rae

      Ah nice! Isn’t it such a lovely place? I don’t think I saw la milkeria, but I will remember to check it out next time I am in Florence!

  • You make me want to get on a plane RIGHT NOW. So inspired by your adventures <3

    Xo Melissa
    Cherish & Bloom

    • rae

      Aww thanks Melissa, hope you get to board that plane very soon!

  • I love wandering around new and old places! I always find new spots I want to visit! I would love to see Florence one day! Sounds magical! That drink looks very tasty too!
    Sincerely, Sara

    • rae

      Yes, me too it is one of my favorite things to do while on holiday! Hope you get to see Florence soon!

  • Need to visit Italy ASAP. Shake cafe looks like a great place to hang out and oh Rae, did you try any coffee in Florence? I heard they have amazing coffee. Which is why Italy is on my travel wishlist haha x

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.com

    • rae

      Yes girl, you totally do! I have only been to Florence and Tuscany but I really fell in love with both! I actually did not try any coffee as I suffer from acid reflux :( Such a bummer I know! No getlato for me either as I am lactose intolerant and don’t really eat animal products haha. So actually food-wise, Italy seems like such a weird choice for me, but in Florence, there are a surprisingly large number of healthy places to eat.

  • I’m oficially obsessed with your blog!! Following you right now haha, such a beautiful pictures :) You made me so wanderlust


    • rae

      Thanks so much, Paula! So glad that you have fallen in love with LFB! :)

  • Sophie Lee

    I’ve always thought getting lost in a strange city is the best way to explore its culture <3

    Thanks for your amazing post <3

    xoxo, Best Bags 2016

    • rae

      Oh it totally is! You’re welcome Sophie!

  • Jasmine Ledezma

    Love these pictures! This is a great idea because sometimes you get caught up on trying to find places that you stop enjoying the moment. Can’t wait to try this next time I travel!
    xo Jasmine| http://www.jasmineworewhat.com

    • rae

      So glad you enjoyed these photos, Jasmine! And yes, a bit of a wander is always in order on every trip!

  • Love the cafe and I thinks its so much fun exploring cafes. Thanks for commenting on Qing’s Style. I
    hope you keep in touch!

    • rae

      Will do and yes discovering new cafes is one of my favorite things to do!

  • The beauty in finding things as we get lost sometimes is kinda amazing.

    Instagram | Style Post – Do what you want ~ Styleccentric Fashion’ | BLOGLOVIN

    xo, Alyssa

    • rae

      Oh yes, I could not agree more!

  • That cafe looks so cute.
    I love finding place like this too.


    • rae

      Isn’t it though?! Thanks, Zarrah!

  • thanks for sharing this. This sounds and looks like a lovely place to visit

    • rae

      No worries!

  • I totally agree that just getting lost is such an amazing way to explore a city! If you have Maps installed, that is, haha ;) No really, I love this post, this place does look so amazing indeed, I’d love to go there one day!

    XO IMKE | Pastellics

    • rae

      Haha true! I never want to get too lost that I start to panic, but in a city as small as Florence, it would be kind of impossible! So glad you enjoyed this post, Imke!

  • Some beautiful photographs! I really want to visit Italy again. I love the atmosphere there, everything is so beautiful and love the cafe culture lifestyle they have over there, everybody is so laid back I just love it.

    Stunning photographs and it looks like you had a great time at the Cafe!

    Laura http://www.shehearts.net xx

    • rae

      Thanks so much, Laura! Hope you get to visit Italy again soon and I could not agree more – Italy has just the most incredible atmosphere!

      • I would love to go back to Italy! It’s such a beautiful place and just love it. The people are so friendly and don’t get me started on the delicious view, food, and coffee!

        Great post. Laura http://www.shehearts.net xx

  • Mosco is such a brilliant name, I’ve never heard of that before! Shake Cafe looks wonderful too, a healthy break from the gelato? ;)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • rae

      It’s actually part of his last name, but he sometimes goes by it so I switch off all the time calling him either Mosco or Sandro haha! And yes, definitely a great alternative to all that crazy gelato!

  • This cafe looks amazing!


  • Patricia Blaj

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    Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/c/wingsforliberty

    • rae

      I love to help out fellow bloggers and youtubers but sorry, I am having a hard time understanding this request. Why would your teacher base your grade on the number of followers and not the actual content of your video? Also I saw the same comment on another blog, so this comes across as less than genuine.

  • Sounds like a great way to explore! And it worked. This place looks amazing.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • rae

      thanks, Amy! it really is!

  • Ileana Druetta

    Florence is so beautiful! They have so many hidden gems… and this looks like such a cute place!



    • rae

      Could not agree with you more, Lleana!

  • This café looks so stylish and cozy!♥ beautiful photos!

    • rae

      Isn’t it though?!

  • Yay that looks so cute – definitely revisiting Firenze soon and adding this place if I ever make it there ;)

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym

    • rae

      Hope you get a chance to revisit soon!

  • Oh man, this place looks incredible! So quaint and lovely.


    • rae

      Thanks! It really was!

  • Oh gosh, this looks like such a cool place ♥


    • rae

      It really was, Trishna!

  • will definitely have to go there!

    Stephanie | http://www.stephykeung.com

    • rae

      You totally should! xx

  • This is really a nice place, nice post!

  • It looks like such a cute place! Wandering is definitely the way to find nice little spots like this :)

    • rae

      Oh totally! Glad you found this place as lovely as I did, Kathryn!

  • Siffat Haider

    I’m so jealous that you’re based in Berlin and can wander off to any part of Europe on a whim. Florence is such a wonderful city – and I completely agree with your friend, the best way to explore Italy is to get lost in the streets. I’m bookmarking this so I can pay this little cafe in Florence next time I visit :)

  • Beauty Follower
  • I could do with one of those shakes -YUM!

    Pop over to my blog!