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Traveling alone for the first time was an incredible experience, and although I’ve only done it once and am by no means any expert on the subject, I still think I have enough authority on the matter to talk about my own tips and tricks that I picked up during my 6 day stay on the island…

How to… Travel Alone

Do something that scares you

So I don’t know if you know this but, I was kind of deathly afraid of the ocean. Now I know we are all the same size when matched up against the mighty ocean, but I’m 152.4cm and weigh about 44 kilos, so suffice it to say, the force of a baby wave kind of knocks me off my feet. The thought of getting pulled under and experiencing what laundry must feel like in a washing machine was also a less than attractive thought – especially because it has happened to me before and it’s safe to say I wasn’t fond of it – or getting dragged out into the ocean to die alone are less than savory thoughts. And yet, I never enjoyed being afraid of the ocean, and felt like it was holding me back from being that care-free person I have always prided myself on being. Plus, a trip alone is the perfect time to get outside of the comfort zone and do some growing because there is no one to hold your hand. Ok, well, the instructor did hold my hand the first day and helped me over the waves, but baby steps Mon Chéri.

After three days, I learned how to watch the waves and understand them a little bit better – which is honestly the fundamental key to overcoming any fear – and learned to jump the waves (or dive under if need be – luckily this wasn’t too much of an issue) that broke where I was standing and also realized that the really big waves tended to crash a good distance from where I was standing and became foam the time it reached me. Now, not all fears can be conquered in a matter of days, but just taking steps towards getting over your fears is such a freeing feeling and a huge step towards a better you. Not to mention, you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment.


So I’ve kind of had this sheepish dream about becoming this amazing surfer type. Of course, being petrified of the ocean and adverse to suntans kind of puts a halt on this fantasy, but I figured, what the hell. Let go and just go for it. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I actually found out that I really loved surfing (even though I am basically awful at it). But even if I hadn’t have liked it, I would have learned something new about myself and could be happy to know that I left that comfort zone and tried something new.

Make sure to have reading material on hand

Your kindle will become your best friend – Or actual paper-back book, magazine, or any other engaging reading material, for that matter. The first day that I arrived to Fuerteventura, I bee-lined it over to a lovely cafe, not even thinking to take more than my wallet and camera with me. Big mistake. Wireless isn’t really a guarantee, and in any case, the whole idea behind my trip was to take a step away from social media. Needless to say, I was left to enjoy my own company. And it wasn’t so hot. Not because I am a bore of a human, but because I enjoy eating while watching a film or reading. For the rest of my trip, I made sure to have my kindle with me, and enjoyed my solo-mealtime a lot more.

..but confront yourself as well

It’s perfectly fine to bring along different forms of entertainment – after all no one said trip alone has to be the equivalent of being locked in a colorless room with yourself and nothing else for days. It’s also perfectly okay to know what you like and do that – like me and my kindle during meal times. But travelling alone is also a chance to really get to know yourself better and enjoy your own company without any other media-based distractions. I took car rides through the island and explored the town on foot with my camera and started each morning with yoga.

Meet people

So I made a pretty rookie mistake. I thought that travelling alone meant that I literally had to be alone. In addition, I booked a villa, which meant there was no guest lobby or common pool where I could bump into other travellers. After the first two days, I realised that I was a bit lonely. I wanted this trip to be a trip about self growth and independence, but I realised that being independent doesn’t mean you have to be devoid of human contact. After all, as a kid I went to countless summer camps where I knew no one and it never phased me. Travelling alone means going to a destination alone. Without a boyfriend or friends or family. But it doesn’t mean you can’t meet people along the way and create new experiences with new people all on your own. I ended up signing up for a surf camp both in order to get over my fear of the ocean as well as to meet some people. And you know what? While it was only for a few hours a day, it really made my trip a lot more pleasant. Next time I travel alone, I’ll be sure to do so through a surf camp or stay in a hostel and save the fancy villas for trips with the man or fam.

Go at your own pace and do what you love

Hands down, the best part of travelling alone is that their aint a damned person telling you what to do. That’s right. You, yes YOU can be as selfish as possible without actually being selfish because you are not forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to. In fact, dare I say, you are being considerate, as your travelling companion is yourself, and you are doing what YOU want to do. You can pace everything to your own rhythm and explore everything you want to see without having to make any compromises. You’re the kind that wants to spend the whole afternoon exploring local shops? Do it. More the museum goer? Cool do that. Endless possibilities, my friend. Endless.

Have you ever travelled alone? What are your tips and tricks for doing so?

Photography: Rae Tashman

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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • My first solo trip was when I was 16. I went from London to Tanzania via Kenya. I think this really shaped my ways and views on travelling. Since then I have gone to Johannesburg and even Cape Town alone and thought nothing of being solo but more about the adventure before me. For some reason, people think this makes me brave. I don’t really get it to be honest. I just think that is me doing what I want to do and there is little more to it than that?

    I LOVE what you say about enjoying your own company. The BEST people that I meet are comfortable with themselves. Comfortable with their of company and unafraid of being alone.

    I tend to avoid other travelers when I am solo though. I do like talking to locals and I end up being adopted by families all over the place this way. It makes me feel happy.

    I LOVE THIS POST!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • rae

      Oh wow! I can’t even imagine what that trip must have been like. It sounds amazing. What has attracted you so much to travelling to different places in Africa? And I am so happy that you enjoyed this post!

      • I was born in Kenya and that is where I spent my formative years so the attraction is in the blood I suppose/ Also, I have a life long deep rooted fascination with the idea of “soulfulness” and I feel it more strongest when I am in amongst the people and the lands of Africa.

        • rae

          Oh wow that is incredible. Does Kenya still feel like home to you? For some reason I thought you were from Japan and moved to England after that?

          • Kenya is a tough place for me. So many memories that it is not easy to be there. I do feel at home in Tanzania though – that is where my father lives and though we are not close, Tanzania is in my heart. My mother was African too so it is in my blood. I spend a lot of time going to Japan because I am half Japanese (father is actually Japanese though he doesn’t live there) and my husband and so my family are all in Japan. :) Sorry for my complicated story Rae! Thanks for reading and caring xx

  • I’ve only done one solo trip before, that was a week in NYC. I’m not sure if it was entirely successful haha, I was jetlagged like crazy and found the city terrifying for the first five days. I also stayed at a place by myself, in the future I’d probably stay in a hostel dorm where I could have some sort of human contact and not feel too alone. It did sort of test my self reliance, I get anxious a lot and there was no one to vent to so I had to control my own feelings! I think the most awkward part is eating at a restaurant with table service, I still haven’t been able to bring myself to do that yet even in my own city.

    • rae

      I agree entirely – sounds like your trip was a lot like mine on the whole social front – staying in a place by yourself is just not really conducive to meeting other people. Don’t get me wrong, the place I stayed at was absolutely beautiful, but more fitted for a romantic holiday or family holiday. I totally hear you about the self reliance thing! I kept getting mini health scares (I am a total hypochondriac) but I think it was just my fear manifesting itself in a weird way because I had no one to look after me but myself! And eating alone gets easier if you just stop worrying what others might be thinking as to why you are there alone! People tend to think it’s not a choice but sometimes it is! Eating alone with a good book is great sometimes :)

  • Eleanor

    Such a great post! I really want to do a solo trip at some point soon xx

    elly from alldeathbydiamonds

    • rae

      hope you are able to do so, Eleanor!

  • I don’t know if this really counts – but I moved to Paris alone! Though I had some friends who were also studying there, they weren’t always available to hang out. I had to be brave and do lots of exploring all on my own or else I’d have been stuck in my own little apartment wasting my Paris time inside those four walls. It changed my life!

    This is a fantastic post and I have to say – good on you for doing this, it takes a lot of guts, and I’m sure you feel pretty great :)

    Also this part made me laugh pretty hard:
    “I-don’t-really-give-a-fuck-about-themes-per-se-so-I’m-just-going-to-blog-whatever-the-hell-I-want-with-loosely-defined-thmes-since-I’m-not-diciplined-enough-and-too-indecisive-to-narrow-it-down-so-I-guess-that-makes-me-a-lifestyle-blogger” hehe

    • rae

      I think it def counts! How long did you live there for? It’s great that you went out and ventured around on your own as well. I am sure other people would have opted for the more comfortable staying at home option!

      And thanks, it was an incredible experience and I am so glad that I did it!

      • I was there for 5 months, not long enough! I’m already headed back to Europe in a few weeks for a little graduation Euro-trip :) Will even be stopping in Berlin!

  • dannifred

    i always travel alone but usually end up meeting a friend on the other end, so that doesn’t really count haha. i’ve been left by myself for maybe a day or so, but i’m not sure i’m at the stage where i could do it completely alone! i’m very shy & i get nervous so it would definitely be going out of my comfort zone. maybe one day! loved reading this!

    • rae

      I think that it’s a great first step, and would definitely consider it a form of solo-travel! Even when I travel with friends, we tend to split up one of the days and do our own thing, which makes a trip with a friend feel like solo-travel for a day. It keeps us from driving each other crazy and allows us to both see the things we are dying to see that the other might not be so interested in! And I am really glad that you enjoyed this post!

  • These are great tips!

    • rae

      Thanks, Erica!

  • “I-don’t-really-give-a-fuck-about-themes-per-se-so-I’m-just-going-to-blog-whatever-the-hell-I-want-with-loosely-defined-thmes-since-I’m-not-diciplined-enough-and-too-indecisive-to-narrow-it-down-so-I-guess-that-makes-me-a-lifestyle-blogger”

    Accurate description of a lifestyle blogger.

    I’ve never traveled alone, being 17 and sheltered. I’d love to one day. I wish to take some time off, and just visit places on my own. That’s scary enough for me but all the more exciting.

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin’

    • rae

      Lol yep, pretty much! And you still have so much time to travel alone! Enjoy your teen years and do it in your 20s! The excitement is worth all of the fears, I promise!

  • larissa

    Haha, laughed about “I-don’t-really-give-a-fuck-about-themes-per-se-so-I’m-just-going-to-blog-whatever-the-hell-I-want-with-loosely-defined-thmes-since-I’m-not-diciplined-enough-and-too-indecisive-to-narrow-it-down-so-I-guess-that-makes-me-a-lifestyle-blogger”!

    I’ve traveled alone a few times, but the scariest and rewarding time was when I went to Europe for three months all by myself, I traveled to France, UK and Italy and was scared about the transportationg and the language (Spanish is my native language) but I managed to survive haha and had the time of my life ;)

    • rae


      And wow, that sounds like an amazing experience. I would love to do a few months of travel – both solo and with someone else, but unfortunately with my job it’s just not in the cards right now. I think once you get over the initial fear about language and transportation, solo travel can be the best thing ever and extremely rewarding.

      p.s. I wish i knew Spanish! Being in Fuerteventura really reminded me of that!

  • Katie Jane Mabey

    I travelled to Sydney, Australia from London on my own as a way to escape my London life and see what it was like to live in another city. I met my fiancee within a couple of weeks and I now live here, but making that first step of independence has really taught me to value my own company. I now relish going out for lunch or breakfast on my own and just reading a book, or going for a solitary swim and chatting to new people. I think it teaches you so much about yourself, and even just doing a long haul flight on your own can be a daunting prospect. I’ve just discovered your blog and it’s lovely!

    • rae

      Now that I think back on it, my initial move to Berlin 5 and a half years ago was done completely on my own, haha! I ended up meeting a boy in less than a week and dated him for two years. But still! I did come to Berlin on my own without knowing a soul there besides the guy who hired me for my internship. Although I am dating a new guy now, our story does sound a little bit similar! I think it’s great that you can enjoy being on your own – a lot of people get really self conscious about it, especially if they are out eating alone. And thanks so much! I am so glad you enjoy it!

  • Great post, Rae! I am currently traveling alone for a few months and I couldn’t agree more. It’s my first time traveling alone and I thought I would be really lonely and hate it, but I actually am hardly lonely and I love it! I’ve used Couchsurfing and Meetup to meet locals, plus I’ve reached out to random people on Instagram and bloggers I’ve found on the web. Couchsurfing is actually an awesome way to meet people because you can use it just to meet other people and not at all with the intention of sleeping on someone’s couch (if you already have a place to stay – like me).

    It’s so true about being on your own schedule though. I love the feeling of doing whatever I feel like and not having to work with someone else’s schedule. And the fear thing – yes! I conquered two of my fears the other day and it was incredibly exhilarating! I’ve learned that they are actually things I shouldn’t be scared of at all!

    • rae

      Thanks so much, Marlena. It means a lot to me that you enjoyed this post. It’s great to hear that your experience is turing out to be such a positive one and it’s crazy that your first solo-trip is one that you are doing for a few months! Using couchsurfing and meetups is a really great idea for avoiding lonliness and being able to meet new people. And that is amazing that you conquered two of your fears. Which were they?

      • Haha, I know – it’s totally crazy that it’s for a few months! Sometimes I just feel like changing my ticket and heading back early, but part of me also sees it as a challenge! My two fears were a bit silly, but I think we all have silly fears ;) I’m currently in Taiwan and I’ve been scared to take the bus (versus the train) because all of the stops are in Chinese. But I finally got over it and took a bus and am now determined to take buses frequently with the challenge of figuring out when to get off! Haha! Another fear was doing intense hikes alone – something I’ve always been scared of, even at home. I’m afraid of snakes or running into weird strangers (kind of silly, I know), but now I’ve done several hikes by myself and they are ones I’ll never forget :)

        • rae

          Your fears are not silly at all! In fact they are great ones to challenge yourself with – as you already have with the bus one. I mean in the end it’s not the bus but reaching out of your comfort zone in a foreign language all on your own and that is not silly at all but extremely brave of you! As is the hiking! Just please be safe if you go alone and let people know where you are if anything were to go wrong! I am sure it will not though and you will have an incredible time!

  • This post really made me think differently about traveling alone. I’m single and have held back from doing so, but it could be fun. Thank you!

    • rae

      I really suggest that you go for it!

  • this is such a great post! When I was 20 I hopped on a plane and went on a trip across the pond by myself which took me to london and portugal. It was such a great trip. But i still prefer travelling with my sisters! it’s always great to share your trip with people you love and experience it together. but great tips for solo travel – which is always a great way to make new friendships!

    • rae

      I am so glad that you enjoyed this post and it was great to hear about your own personal experience with solo travel. I think that solo travel is something everyone should do once in their lives but it is also perfectly legitimate to do it once and realize that travelling with others is more your speed :) Thanks for sharing your story!

  • the most important thing for me is to always have an open mind. i guess that’s pretty much your first point about doing something that scares you :) there is a freedom that i love about traveling alone – certainly everything happens at your own pace, but it’s also about finding that perfect balance of being by yourself and being around other people – mostly new friends and some old ones i visit along the way. some of the coolest people i know are the ones i meet by chance – always makes a good story too. enjoyed this rae x

    • rae

      I definitely agree with this entire comment. As far being around those whom you already know – I think it depends on what kind of a trip it is. I could totally see setting out on my own and visiting several places, but meeting up with people I know for coffees, dinners, or nights out along the way but the main idea being that the trip is a solo one. But if I am only travelling to one place, I would prefer not knowing anyone or meeting up with anyone I already know and just meeting new people along the way.

  • I really enjoyed this post. I travel around a lot on my own for work but not holidays / breaks as such. I’ve been thinking about it more as I approach my next birthday, started asking people if they fancy going away but no one seems to be up for it, so hell, I should just go solo right? Really helpful piece.

    Buckets & Spades

    • rae

      I think you should def. just go for it. It was a bit nerve wracking, but now that I’ve done it, I’ve learned what worked for me and what didn’t and would definitely be up for solo-travel again.

  • having travelled alone pretty extensively i definitely agree with all of these! it’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself and i found myself doing that a lot with things like directions and finding my own way to wherever i’m going. i have a pretty terrible sense of direction and even with google maps i’m just one of those people who looks at the map and then walks in the opposite direction thinking i’m going the right way. but even when it was super frustrating sometimes i made a point of trying to figure it out for myself, not that there’s anything wrong with asking for help but it was more because i wanted to prove to myself that i could do it.

    and of course in terms of meeting people since you’re alone if you want company you’re going to have to push yourself a little bit to try and make friends and take advantage of whatever opportunities come your way. one of the biggest things i learned while i was away was to focus on trusting my instincts to guide me and help me make decisions (though obviously it didn’t help much in terms of directions, my instincts are just off there, haha.)

    jessica –

    • rae

      oh no! I seriously think that some people are just born without that innate sense of direction. I had a friend like that, but it was actually pretty funny and lead to a lot of good laughs. I think that trying to figure out things alone is part of the whole growing process and strengthening of your independence when travelling alone. And even if you do stop to ask for directions, trying to mime what you mean to someone who has no idea what you are saying is all part of that process, I would argue. Trusting your instincts is also a really good tip as well to avoid getting in over your head but also to stay safe while travelling alone.

  • Great tips! Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity of doing much traveling, let alone traveling by myself. That’s great that you found out you love surfing though! I’m terrible at it but it’s still fun.

    Breakfast at Gracey’s

    • rae

      Hope you can get around to it! And I know! It is super difficult, but a lot of fun. I would love to get good at it but you really have to go every day in order for that to happen!

  • Csenge Orban

    Amazing tips! So good to have this as a guide, I love to travel. But I have never done it alone before, I think with these tips I will give it a go! Thank you for sharing <3 Kisses from Hungary xo

    Csenge | Csenge’s Point

    • rae

      Thanks, Csenge! Do give it a go and tell me how it was!

  • Amy

    What a great post! I’ve always thought that traveling alone would be so exciting ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    • rae

      I hope you get to do it one day, Amy!

  • Just found your blog. Def a new follower! x

    • rae

      Thanks so much :) Really happy to hear you like LFB!

  • I’ll travel alone in a few days and will fly from Bangkok to Hanoi :) My first big trip alone was going to Australia (aged 19). For some people it seems to be such a big step when it’s really something wonderful which helps getting to know yourself better and improving your character. I absolutely approve all points :)



    • rae

      Have an amazing trip. What will you be doing there? I think it is a big step for a lot of people because it really forces you to be independent. Of course, some people are just more prone to independence and self reliance and do not get scared by the thought of travelling alone. Sounds like you are one of those people, which is awesome!

  • As a kid my family never did any traveling, but now that I’m in my 20’s, its definitely been on my mind to start venturing out into the world! I feel like traveling alone somewhere would be such a learning experience, giving you time to get to know yourself and face your fears and weaknesses on your own terms. Such a thought provoking post, thanks for the advice and sharing a peek at what I have to look forward to! :)

    • rae

      I hope that you are able to do so, Lizzy! It really is such a learning experience – you learn to tackle new things you always had other people to help you with before and in turn, learn SO much more about yourself and learn to grow independent about things you never knew you weren’t so independent about – if that makes any sense! For example, I always relied on my boyfriend to deal with directions when we travelled together and to have to navigate alone was a really scary but wonderful experience. So glad you enjoyed this post!

  • I’d love to travel alone in the future but right now I think I prefer to travel with my family :)

    Check out my latest blog post!


    • rae

      Travelling with loved ones can also be a really lovely experience :) I love travelling with my family as well as it’s one of the only times that I really get to see them!

  • Thank you for sharing these tips with us, Rae! I’ve boomarked your post!! ;-)


  • Rebecca Marie

    These are incredible tips, travelling by myself is something I have started to consider for next year so this post has given me the push I needed to really look into it
    Becky // xxxx

    • rae

      Thanks so much for your comment, Rebecca! I really hope that you look into it and try it out for yourself!

  • Stephanie Louise

    Oh Rae, this is so perfect! I am just counting down the days until I am ‘on my own’ traveling, and I can’t wait to experience it and meet people and step out of my comfort zone. I tried to book places where other backpackers would go to, especially looked at B&Bs. I think I did all good. Hope to hear from you soon and hope everything is going well on your end. :)

    • rae

      Hey Stephanie! I hope you are doing well! And I am sure you will do great with solo-travel. You are such an open and kind person, you are sure to have a lovely time wherever you choose to go! I think that it’s a great idea that you booked placed where other backpackers will be. It will make meeting other people a lot easier, and things are going quite well here! I was sick, and currently dealing with a lot of stomach issues, but I am trying to get my health back on track. :)

  • This is so useful! I’m planning a trip by myself to France just now :) Love your blog btw, so well done <3
    xo, Jessie

    • rae

      Oh great, I hope that you can use some of these tips on your trip Jessie! And glad to hear you enjoy LFB! Let me know if you have any wishes for what you would like to see here in the future!

      • Im sure I will! :)

        • rae

          Thanks, Jessie!

  • Hi Rae! It’s my first time on the blog and I loved this post and the comments too! I’ve travelled alone twice but only for a few days, first to Amsterdam when I had just turned 18 (by accident, a friend couldn’t make it last minute and I thought what the heck! let’s do this) and two years ago to NY for a few days too.

    I’d love to do it again, its great to just make up your schedule as you go and it made me talk a lot to strangers (smth i wasn’t used to). Last summer I did a lot of couchsurfing with my sister and even if I don’t think I would do it on my own it was awesome to get to know local people each time we went to a new city (ie we went to Berlin and stayed with two awesome hosts who showed us around) and we enjoyed the city even better :) I’m definitely doing it again next time I take a trip.

    Your Tenerife posts were lovely too! I’m Spanish but I haven’t been there yet, it looks amazing though!


    • rae

      Hey Belén, so glad that you like LFB! It sounds like you have done your fair share of travelling! I have never tired couchsurfing before, and I agree that I would also not do it on my own unless I guess I was staying at another girl’s place, but it does sound like a great way to get more of a local’s perspective on the location you are travelling to – especially if they are willing to show you around like your hosts did in Berlin!

  • This post is beautiful and I think you make so many great points–*ugh* how did I *just* see this post!? I recently put together a post on reasons why you should solo travel this summer and I so would have linked up to this post
    ..I’ll go edit and add it in now! :)

    • rae

      Hi Hoda! So glad that you enjoyed this post! :)

  • Nancy Wilde

    I love solo travelling. There is a sense of freedom and independence that I kinda miss. I have no patience for socialising though, I always feel like people would be a waste of my time but every now and then there are good surprises :) xx

    • rae

      I agree entirely that the freedom and independence of solo traveling is one of it’s biggest pluses! And how funny – I actually really enjoy socializing with strangers as long as they are not hitting on me -_-

  • Ivana Džidić

    I have never travelled alone but I would love to give it a try! It sounds like a great way to be more independent and see things in a different light.

    • rae

      Hope you get to do so one day, Ivana!