Departing from the usual winterlust and hitting you all with some fun in the sun. To be completely honest, even though the beginning of February is generally the time when people start swearing under their breath about shitty winter weather, apart from getting a bit tired of chattery teeth, I’m not at all “sick” of winter. In fact, I still wish I could abscond to a cabin in the snowy woods and just drink warm tea and catch up on that reading list of mine overflowing with all the books I will probably never read because there just isn’t just any damned time. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t also dream of a holiday in warmer climates, salty water tangling my hair, sand massaging the spaces in between my toes, and tropical sun making itself at home on the slopes of my shoulders. Looks like it’s time to start planning a holiday easter weekend…

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005: folkmagazine | 006: channierie | 007: gypsylovinlight | 008: hopeandmay | 009: csleeper

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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Lovely beach and tropical images! They make me dream of traveling, awesome!


    • rae

      I hope that you get to travel soon!

  • asha
    • rae

      Thanks so much, Asha!

  • Oh man! You are making me miss home! Shame on you ;)
    I grew up on the beach and now I live in the mountains since getting married in March. Both areas are gorgeous and I am blessed to be where I am, but I have been severely missing the salty waves lately!

    But, I also agree with you. I’m not quite sick of winter yet. I love my afternoons filled with hot tea and warm blanket while I blog :)

    Kristin //

    • rae

      Wow you are so lucky to have grown up on the beach – I always wonder for people who have grown up in what is basically paradise or a perpetual vacation if they ever get bored of it? Or if they actually don’t spend that much time on the beach as they would were it to be a vacation. Still it seems like you have traded one beautiful extreme for another. Winter in the mountains is also so beautiful.

  • this all looks so nice! i’m not used to the grey germany yet, although it’s pretty warm-these are a welcome distraction

    • rae

      It is hard to get used to! But eventually you will. Luckily today, though it’s super sunny and getting warmer!

  • 004 just stole a place in my heart. Oh, how I would love to visit a place like that ::hearteyes::
    I am not a fan of winter, however, I would love winter if it was spent in a nice cozy cabin with my favorite hot tea and variety of great books to read. That sounds fantastic. :)

    • rae

      I hope you are able to visit someplace warm soon. And I agree that kind of winter sounds amazing. I dream of doing just that next year :)

  • Kelsey & Kenecha

    Amazing photos!

    • rae

      thanks so much :) all of these photographers are really talented, huh?

  • Love these images!! I usually have a good attitude about winter.. but this year has been especially cold and snowy!

    • rae

      Glad that you enjoyed this selection! And hope that you get some sun and warmth soon!

  • Such lovely snaps! I keep saying I’m not ready for spring or summer yet but maybe this can change my mind… :-)

    • rae

      I think these photos could change anyone’s mind! What paradise!

  • I expect I will be blogging about the excessive heat of Summer and the very long daylight hours in a month or two’s time, as I tend to do every year. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons, so at least I’m happy twice a year.

    • rae

      Can’t wait to read about the summer heat. Sorry that you don’t love it as much as spring and autumn though!

  • such beautiful photographs. I love winter too but I love a good getaway in the sun!
    Mara // marashares

  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    Your photos are absolutely stunning! WOW!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • These are such dreamy photos…I need to find myself a beach! :)

  • I am so impressed by your photos…great snaps, you are very talented !

    Fashion and Cookies

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  • mai

    Amazing photos! Love the summer so much, I miss it and can’t wait!
    maybe you wanna follow each other on bloglovin? let me know, I love your blog!
    xoxo, Mai ♥

  • Dresses and Denim

    These pictures have me dreaming of a beach vacation!
    Dresses & Denim

  • Man, this is my type of round up! Definitely will be checking out these accounts!


  • Iren

    Super gorgeous summer photos!!!!!!! Love;)


  • I now feel even colder, and I didn’t think that was possible! I love Winter, and I love it more when it snows.

  • Ouf – talk about a dose of wanderlust for warmer places! So dreamy!

  • Hayley Roderick

    Such pretty pictures:) xo, Hayley

  • these pics are making me crave a vacation.


  • Mel
  • WOW!! that photo right in the middle… yeah, I want to go there right now!!


  • Muny B

    Love the summer and these images are so inspiring,

    Muny’sFashionFanatique | FASHION &

  • libys11

    can’t wait for summer weather!!

    Animated Confessions

  • Wow this instas are incredible!!! I love every single one!
    Melanie @

  • oh those palm trees! ;)

  • As I sit outside and look at the grey slush and snow piled high, I am definitely not complaining about some bright and sunshiney inspiration to start my day! Beautiful picks, Rae.

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  • Charlie D

    Thank you for this selection i’m going to check out all of these accounts ! I’m definitely longing for the summer days myself.

    Charlie xx

  • Abby Smith

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog – so glad as it’s led me back to yours! This has given me a serious case of wanderlust though haha, I love some sun-spiration. xx