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Tauplitz, Austria - taken by Rae Tashman -></p>
<p><b>001</b>: Braving the 4-hour car ride from Saalbach to Vienna with friends in an entirely packed car, meaning my shoulder is probably going to hate me for the next week. Had an incredible time both in Saalbach and Tauplitz learning to ski though! As a total beginner, most of my time was spent trying not to fall and getting over the sheer terror of having to face completely down the mountain in order to turn – which, you know, is needed should you actually want to reach the bottom.<br />
<b>002</b>: Re-thinking the Conscious Living News letter and creating big plans for the conscious lifestyle aspect of LFB! </p>
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001: Naturally Ella hits it out of the ballpark with another amazing recipe – this time for Sesame Roasted Turnip Salad with Quinoa.
002: Scientists have partially figured out why we sigh.
003: Remote work is a thing for the startup generation, but apparently it could also become a thing for medical professionals. Robot assistants sound cool in theory and all but what could the very real complications be? Read all about it here.
004: Loving Wonderful You’s Copenhagen City Guide.
005: By now, you have all seen Beyonce slay it at both the Superbowl and her new music video, but have you thought about the deeper meaning concerning southern blackness?
006: Kinsey’s portrait work never ceases to amaze me.
007: This powerful article addresses the ambiguity of rape for the rapist and the difference between “no means no” and “yes means yes”.


001: Ten Reasons why you should be Thrifting: Conscious Living 005
Thrifting is basically awesome. Here’s why.
002: Five Reasons Tiny Houses Rule: In the Home 017
Tiny houses are awesome. Want to know why? Read this.
003: Luca in San Juan, Puerto Rico: Globetrotting 025
Check out this incredible local curated shop in downtown San Juan.
004: Yoga and regular massages: Two ways to feed your body, mind, and soul
Everything you need to know about why yoga and massages are so important.
005: Portraits at Dusk: Ani and Irene
Check out my latest photo shooting with the incredible Ani and Irene in Friedrichshain, Berlin.

xxx by Rae Tashman -

From the archives

001:Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden: Globetrotting 020
Still dreaming of all the greenery at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.
002: Confessions of an Eternal Tourist: Anatomy of an Outfit 026
It looks as if I am doomed to forever wander the earth as a nomad. Here’s why.

photography by: Naturally Ella, Wonderful You, Sincerely Kinsey, and Rae Tashman

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Rae Tilly

Rae the EIC of LFB and YEOJA Magazine. She is also a photographer and social media influencer.


  • Sarah Laird

    I’ve been determined to learn to ski for the last ten years and I’ve never gotten round to it. Sounds like such a fantastic experience though! Fab roundup too by the way – so happy you’ve pointed me towards that turnip and quinoa salad! :) x

    Viva Epernay

  • Love this roundup! Especially the Huffington Post article. :)

    -Jannette | MERESSE

  • AngeliePangilinan

    Love this post. Ang yup, Queen B slayed it on the superbowl! Slaaay!

    Angelie // Tagaytay Roadtrip 2016: Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City

  • Thank you so much for the article regarding rape. As it is a topic many, myself included, can relate. It definitely highlights the perplexing nature of rape even though it shouldn’t be at all. Despite consent being very clear, rape itself is murky and confusing. Sometimes rapists don’t know they are rapists because they were taught it wasn’t or it wasn’t ‘like the movies.’ The article explains it so well, so thank you so much Rae <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin’

  • megsiobhan

    You are much braver than I would be, trying to ski! I’ve tried a bit of ice skating a couple of years ago and surprisingly didn’t fall. That’s as wild as I get!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  • still never tried skiing or snowboarding or anything like that. really do want to try one time though!

  • Cara E

    Great post! I love Deliciously Ella xx

  • sileas

    So glad you enjoyed the skiing! ;)

  • Alona Bronstein

    Back when I lived in Canada I was always too afraid to ski, and now that I live in a country where it summer 90% of the year, I kind of regret not trying it! Hope you had fun :) x Alona

  • Kinsey’s portraiture work you’ve linked to is super impressive and I really love the photo of you surrounding by golden leaves!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Holly O’Connor

    Ohhh, How I wish I could Ski! It sounds and looks amazing! I’m glad you had a blast x

  • Sounds like an amazing time! I’ve always wanted to learn to ski!

  • That first share of the mountains is unreal, absolutely adore it.

    A Day in Durham

  • Hope your shoulders are doing well now Rae! Hahaha! Thumbs up for that gorgeous profile taken by Ani & Irene. Happy Monday Rae x

    Real Life Nerd

  • Aww, sounds like you’re having some great adventures! Thank you for a great set of links – I can’t choose between which I love the most!!

    Pop over to my blog :)