photograephie 006: nadine

The days keep running into each other, and I keep wondering why there aren’t more hours in the day. Not for everyone of course, because then we would all just be expected to put in x more hours of work each day – but just for me. So that I can fill those two hours with work – for my photography and for lovefromberlin. A totally selfish thought, I know. It’s just that it can get overwhelming with a full time job, freelance photography career, and full-time blog. There’s hardly any time to fit in house chores, let alone a social life. I still manage, but I’ve turned down a birthday parties two weeks in a row because I am so tired and run down.

At the same time, I just feel so guilty when I spend more than an hour doing something other than work, which is only going to lead me to a burn out, so I am trying to “allow” myself downtime and I’m trying not to give a damn about work in those hours. Yep. Keyword here: trying. At the same time I am also trying to fill my weekends with plenty of shootings both for lovefromberlin as well as my portfolio. Today I managed to squeeze two photoshoots in today – one for this space and one for my portfolio (which is kiiiiinda also for here too.)

This afternoon Nadine and I braved the cold (yes winter has FINALLY made it’s way to Berlin with zero degree weather, but I’m still asking myself where the hell the snow… Will I see any this year?) and headed out to Volkspark Friedrichshain to shoot some portraits.

I have yet to do a shoot with a professional high-fashion model, whose daily job it is to pose, and in a way I don’t even mind. Because I’m consistently blown away by how natural so many of my friends are when having their picture taken. They seem not have any reservations about being in front of the camera, but there is also this natural aspect to their pictures because they aren’t professionals. I’m also consistently blown away at how stunning all the ladies in my life are that I have photographed thus far – both on the inside and out.

I’m still toying around with my resolutions list for 2015 (a post about this IS on the way, promise) but I already know that my thirst for shooting and growing as an artist means that I want to shoot frequently and passionately this year and hope that I will be doing many more sessions with friends and clients. I would also really like to get a wedding, small fashion campaign, and third reportage publication under my belt before 2015 ends. A little too ambitious for this year? Maybe, but that don’t mean I ain’t gonna try.

photography and post-processing: rae tashman
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Herzlich, Rae
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Nick treated me to this cuppa at our regular coffee shop in Friedrichshain, Goodies, before an afternoon walk through F-hain on Sunday. When I moved to Germany over 4 years ago, I was introduced to this little number and it’s just about the best goddamned drink ever. Here in Germany, it goes by the name…

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Visual stimulation 027: tumblr favorites

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instafinds 008: let there be light

I recently went on and on talking about my love of light, so I thought that I would collect my favorite photos from instagram that express just how magical light can be. What do all of these images have in common? They’ve captured the way that light and shadow work together, and how when only…

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my kiez 001

MY KIEZ* 001 – Saturday Sun

I’m not sure if Berlin was just trying to be a little smart ass after my last post and make me feel like a liar, or took pity on me and the other X residents in Berlin, but the sun did actually make an appearance throughout the week between the rain and overcast skies –…

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watch this now 009: DIS/CONNECT

Start your week with this satirical short film from Doug Hindson, and remember that we’re all dealing with the same pitfalls of modernity. Hindson’s astute take-away: “What can we do but keep on going heading in whichever direction seems best at the time.” There’s not really too much more to say without detracting from this…

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weekly roundup 009

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in the kitchen 009: sugar cookies

When I was a kid, I never had a huge sweet tooth. I distinctively remember proudly counting all of my halloween candy one year, 102 pieces – a tangible sign of my hard work and dedication – and only managing to eat 2 pieces. (I think the rest of the family had to finish it…

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visual inspiration 026: Theo Gosselin

A few weeks ago, I featured the amazing photographic work of Julia Trotti. Today I wanted to share another incredible photographer that I have come across: Theo Gosselin, whose lifestyle photography and portraits are absolutely stunning. The photos of his that I have selected for this post all work amazingly well together and remind me…

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home for the holidays 003 – shine a light

Living in Berlin, it’s often very easy to almost forget what sunshine is. And as a photographer, it’s kind of a damned shame. Photographers are constantly chasing light, waking up before the rest of the world to secure a spot from which they can watch the sun rise from behind their lenses and waiting for…

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Recently, I wrote about finding some sort of purpose, security, and comfort with the current status of my life. And though it is entirely true that for the first time in a long time I feel a sense of satisfaction with my existence, I still question the actual purpose we as human being have on…

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nick in london






weekly roundup 008 _square
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