The Intimacy of Strangers
Anatomy of an Outfit 040

anatomy of an outfit 040 - - photography Sara Tortora

As you are reading this, I am writing this post from Kaffeebar in Kreuzberg. After meeting with Leni of Paperboats (oh yeah, I have a new internship on top of all the other things I am doing!), I headed over to have a coffee in the sunshine and wait for friend and fellow blogger, Franci. While here, I had an… Read More

Proof of Adventure – Ticket Stubs from Paris
Globetrotting 037

ticket stubs from Paris -

I don’t know if I ever told you guys, but I tend to be overly sentimental. Which is why although I have a penchant for clean lines and fully support Marie Kondo’s mentality on “stuff” and the huge growth in “minimalism,” I tend to hold on to things I should proooobably should get rid of. One thing I have tended… Read More

Autumnal Interiors
In the Home 025

Fall interior inspiration for

Fall used to be my favorite season, until I started skateboarding this summer. Ever since then, I have been dreaming of living someplace like California. Life changes a lot when your greatest hobby is dependent on the weather. It also doesn’t help that fall generally marks the beginning of cloudy days for months on end. And still, some switch went… Read More

Weekend Reads 001


Hey there LFB community (and new readers!) Hope your week has been a good one! I for one am still practicing slowing down after a busy week including attending a lovely Tea Ceremony put on by Tea Collective at the FvonF Apartment in Berlin. Just wanted to let you know that amongst some of the new things I have planned… Read More

Pastel-Colored Dreams
Visual Stimulation 055


I don’t know what it is about pastels, but I have always been a fan. The softness of pastel colors can be both futuristic (in either a modern and retro way) or just plain retro, and always brings about a sense of calm. I even recently came to the realization through the process of decorating my flat that apart from… Read More

Paris je t’aime
Globetrotting 036

Streets of Paris - photography: Rae Tashman -

I always find that when I return from a trip that I have taken with family or friends, I always have a lot less photos to show for it. Although I tend to have my camera strapped to me at all times when traveling, I hate to slow anyone else down, so I end up taking hastily shot photos or… Read More