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Love from Berlin

a Berlin-based blogazine

Welcome to Love from Berlin, a Berlin-based blogazine. Every 2 weeks you will find a new LFB Issue full of engaging articles. Stick around for shorter daily content as well!

The Daily Dose

Your Daily Dose of LFB

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Fashion, Beauty + Health

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  • Pastel Interiors

    March 20, 2017
    There is nothing we love better over here at LFB than a beautifully designed home. With spring coming, we are going crazy for stunning interiors and...
  • Sensory overload with Casey Neistat

    March 20, 2017
    Casey Neistat, American YouTube personality (remember that guy who filmed how ridiculous the bike lane laws are in NYC by crashing into stuff intentionally? Yeah...

Art + Culture

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  • Instafinds – @hi_imsuperwoman

    March 20, 2017
    For this Issue’s Instafinds, we at LFB would like to highlight the incredible photographic work of Sina Lesnik, the woman behind the instagram account @hi_imsuperwoman:...
  • Cristiana Costin – Combinophy

    March 20, 2017
    There is something extremely whimsical when photography and graphic lines are combined, which is why we are so in love with cristiana costin‘s series, combinophy, part...


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  • Venice Photos with Audrey

    March 20, 2017
    Oh if only we could always be jet-setting around the world. Since travelling to Poland, I have been relatively sedentary, just doing things here in good...

Food + Drink

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  • Cold Drinks for Spring

    March 20, 2017
    With spring fast approaching (although not fast enough, if you ask us) we are all about getting our drink on – the non-alcoholic kind in this case....
  • Veggie Dumplings of All Kinds

    March 20, 2017
    Perogi, maultauschen, ravioli, potstickers, empenada – nearly every culture on earth has some form of a dumpling and all of LFB are glad to hear...

Where did the old LFB go?

(And how do i navigate the new?)

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Hey there, it’s Rae. As you all know, I stepped away from LFB a few weeks ago after letting you guys know that I would be throwing my energy into a complete re-design and re-imagining of how and what I wanted LFB to look and be like. And here we are, together, finally exploring the product of this evolution.

LFB has been a labor of love for many years now, but one that has grown increasingly difficult to manage on my own – especially when it comes to maintaining the level of quality and depth that I demand. Daily posting became unmanageable, especially due to a strict editorial calendar which left little wiggle room for spontaneity or sick days.

The result? LFB has now been transformed into a Blogazine. Basically this just means LFB will now feature more content but this content will be posted bi-weekly in a magazine format. For those of you needing daily content/following LFB via RSS feeds, do not fear- not only will an article from the current issue be highlighted each day, but mini daily content will also be offered.

I know it seems a bit counter-intuitive for there to be more content both daily and bi-weekly after announcing the stress daily posting has caused, but I have also opened up LFB even more and have brought on regular contributors who are going to help me along the way.

That being said, this is a huge change, and one I am not even sure will work for both you and me – so things may be in flux for a bit until I figure out just how to run a blogazine

LFB has now been transformed into a Blogazine

I am so happy to have you guys on board for this journey with me – and so excited for this change. The bottom line – at the end of the day, as we grow so should our blogs and I really think this is the step in the right direction for both me and LFB. I hope you guys will think so too!

All the best, Rae

About the Creator

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My goal is to create a young and engaging place for interested and creative minds to come together.

For you long-time readers of LFB, you will already know who I am. For those of you just popping by for the first time, you won’t. Hi there, my name is Rae. I am an ex-pat from the US living in Berlin and I created LFB (Love from Berlin) back in 2012. Back then, LFB was much more of a hobby managed between graduate course work and – once I graduated – work life.

After working in the Start Up Scene in Berlin as a UX/UI designer, I decided to place more emphasis on blogging and photography, my other passion. At the end of 2015 in December decided to focus on LFB full time while growing my photography business along side it. Along the way I grew the LFB team, had guest writers, and began working with my friend Vici to really build the brand. Still, for the most part, LFB was a one-woman show. It has been such an incredible ride turning a passion into a career, and now I am in the stages of expanding LFB further, starting with turning LFB into a blogazine.

In addition to expanding LFB, I’m busy dreaming up creative projects, working on my photography business, skateboarding, and spending time with friends and my boyfriend – for me the most important aspect when it comes to choosing how I spend my time both on and off the clock is to spend

it either tangibly creating the ideas I dream up in my head, or spending quality time with the people I care about doing things I love.

I am happiest when I am able to combine both, as ultimately, in every facet of my life – whether it is on LFB or otherwise – my goal is to create a fresh and engaging space for interested and creative minds to come together.

I have a lot of big goals for where I want to go personally and artistically in 2017 and beyond, and I am excited to share these hopes and dreams with the LFB community.

Our Favorite Visual Posts

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