weekly roundup 004



Oh hey, it’s Sunday already. Time for another weekly round up. This week I have some visual inspiration for you as well as book review and an article calling BS on Mattel’s new book about Barbie in the tech scene. So grab a cup of coffee and read on.

001: sharing a hammock in the great outdoors like these two lovebirds
002: a great idea for wall art
003: a bedroom like this one
004: mr and mrs globetrot’s post about lake Louise and lake Agnes
005: wit and delight’s interview with Worn Stories author Emily Spivack
006: why mattel isn’t doing barbie any favors

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photograephie 003: marita

In early summer, I took a day trip with some friends of mine on the weekend to work on some portraiture. We set out with bags full of of shoes, dresses, hats and photo equipment and got to work. We shot quickly with fading light peaking in and out of the clouds, but it allowed…

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Staying in bed – 5 ways to have a cozy weekend

Now that we have officially reached the end of the week, I am getting pretty damned excited about being able to sleep in. Especially now that the temperature has dipped to into the single digits. Because nothing is better than pulling the covers more snuggly around yourself and knowing you don’t have to see your…

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in the kitchen 004

After living in Germany for so long, Thanksgiving has become this really weird, almost foreign but simultaneously familiar holiday to me. My first two years in Berlin, I attempted to cook an entire thanksgiving dinner – which as you can imagine didn’t exactly turn out that well. Oh well, A for effort. Now I sort…

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photograephie 002 – late summer on the ostsee

In late summer Nick and I took a trip to the Baltic Sea to go car camping. The last time I had been camping I was a 12 year old Girl Scout, but I had remembered the whole camping thing being one of the only reasons I stuck the whole thing out so damned long….

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instafinds 004

This week, I am only bringing you one instagram user, because the girl is just that damned good. Her photography is impeccable and basically makes me want to pack up my suitcase straight away, and move to a small southern town and bake all day. Read a little bit about Tiffany Mitchell here and visit…

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