Monti, Friedrichshain
The Best of Berlin 002

Monti Caffe Bar - photographed by: Rae Tashman -

Monti Caffe Bar – Friedrichshain, Berlin One of the best parts about living in the neighbourhood in Berlin that I do is that there are so many incredible local establishments to support and love. One of my favourite cafes just a few minutes from my flat is Monti Caffe Bar. A fwe months back, I got the chance to sit… Read More

Conservatory Archives
Inside and Outside 001

Haarkon - Conservatory Archives - curated for

Conservatory Archives via Haarkon When I was young, I used to say that when I grew up I wanted to own a shop that sold fish and flowers. Why? Because they are two beautiful things that people decorate their home with. While purchasing fish solely for aesthetics is now something I would personally find at least slightly questionable, my love… Read More

Re-defining impulses – 7 tips for artists in 2017
Conscious Living 018


Inspiring Reading on Sunday Mornings in my Kitchen in Berlin – 15.01.2017 Yesterday I was, what my boyfriend likes to call, “full of beans.” Why? Because for a while now, I have been feeling the need to re-define my impulse. They say that the mark of a good artist – whether it be a musician, painter, photographer, or any other… Read More

Soft Dreams
Visual Stimulation 061

Visual Stimulation - soft Dreams -

Happy Saturday! Bringing you all some visual simulation on this cold and dreary winter afternoon. Just some dreamy portraits of dreamy women – equal parts Sofia Coppola à la “The Virgin Suicides,” 90s vibes, and 80s colors. Sources: 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011 Join the LFB community! Use #theCLmovement on instagram and twitter to… Read More

Beauty Papers
Beauty Remixed 001

Beauty Papers -

Combining intelligence and the kind of imagery you want to tear out and tape to your bedroom wall, Beauty Papers is a reminder that beauty isn’t a commercial category with a capital B, it’s a multifaceted, at times controversial idea that encompasses everything from politics to what you choose to put on your face each morning. – Alice Newell-Hanson for… Read More

Cracow Days in Kraków, Poland
Globetrotting 042


As you all know, I was recently in Poland for a short family holiday. The weather was bitingly cold and I came down with the flu, so most of my time was spent indoors fighting off fever, but I did manage to see some of the sites (more on that in the next post), spend time with friends, and wander… Read More